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Check the NBA refs...something smells!!!

Posted on: May 23, 2008 12:24 am
Edited on: May 23, 2008 12:30 am

David Stern has gotta be the most egotistical, self-absorbed, deluded, little Napoleon-complexed commissioner I have ever seen.
The NBA is a j-o-k-e. I, for one, truly love this game. (One of the best ad campaigns ever, I might add) however, I am totally disgusted with the pompous, “what me worry attitude” from the League lately. This Donaghy thing is way bigger than they want to admit. Period!

I have told friends and relatives for years that these refs are “shady”. Everyone laughed at me and others that saw little telltale signs of mockery. Donaghy has NOW said that he betted on 100 games, and that other refs, and some coaches acted, uh…out of line. Really?? Wow. Shocking. The commish gets up in the camera and then retorts, that “these are the words of a desperate man trying to avoid jail”. You expect me to believe that this guy officiated this many games and NO other refs saw or suspected anything?? Nothing, warranted any of them speaking up about this cat’s behavior or calls on the court? Puhleeze… The arrogance of Stern, pure and unadulterated.

A couple years back you demanded that we all not worry about the refs that abused airline ticket privileges. Remember that? 35 National Basketball Association referees were the focus of an I.R.S. investigation into an alleged scheme involving millions of dollars in phony travel expenses. Referees said the N.B.A. knowingly paid the higher travel reimbursement as a substitute for better pay. One of the refs implicated in this actual serve time in relation this very matter. When done, Commissioner David Stern reinstated him and several other referees in who were found guilty during the investigation. WTF?

Someone tell me please how in the hell was Joey Crawford allowed to call the Hornet/Spurs game last week, after he was suspended for “tangling” with Duncan last April during that heavily contested Dallas game, for “laughing”? Crawford even made it clear to that he would eject Duncan again if he could replay the moment. Huh? Not only did he get suspended, but he told the NBA to “stick it” as well. Where does a ref get off being such a personality on the court? Does he think he’s Rodman in stripes? I hypothesize that Joey’s actions in that game were a sign that he or someone he knew had a bet on Dallas. Yep. I said it.
All the while Stern stands on his milk crate with that stupid cat-eating-grin and insists it’s just “one rogue guy, no worries, cheers.” I wanna throw up. These NBA refs are outta control. They think they are WWE refs or something? Affecting the outcome of the games is not they’re job. Why the hell, do we know all their names anyway? Can you name many of the MLB refs, or NFL refs? What’s up with that? Today I heard Stern DOES want to speak with Tim Donaghy about his latest claims. Hmmmmm. As my hot latina girlfriend says….very intersante, chico. Yes, chica, very.

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